Harvest notes 2022

The 2022 vintage was dry and brought us concentration and roundness to the wines. Very healthy harvest, of quality and without fungal pressure.

The cycle started with a wet autumn. It rained 134mm, which was very important to fill the reserves of the ground after an extremely dry 2021 vintage.

A cold winter due to the altitude, it was similar to the temperatures of last vintages and with little rain, typical of our Mediterranean climate.

Spring has started rainy, 174mm, in addition, March and April have been cold. Thus we had a late sprout and we have good moisture in the ground. The plant grows with energy. The pressure of wild fauna is growing; we have had problems with roe deers, which have eaten some shoots, but after the first treatment of leaf sulphur as a preventive of powdery mildew, they stopped eating shoots.

Dry and warm summer, we start harvesting on September 7th at the farm. Larger and fresher grains thanks to the rains in the Baix Penedès, a very healthy grape, without fungal pressure, but there is a 20-30% loss of production due to wild boars.

Viticulture and Vinification

  • High-altitude/mountain vineyards. Montmell mountains
  • 100% organic agriculture
  • We work to recover biodiversity and improve forest ecosystem
  • Poorly developed, calcareous and stony soils
  • Mediterranean mountain climate
  • We recover local/traditional/historic/native varieties
  • We cooperate with local and vocational winegrowers. Standing up for the maximum price per kg of grapes in the region
  • We make minimal intervention wines, free from oenological additives during vinification – no more than 30 mg/l of sulphites in total
Parcels of origin Mountains of Montmell

Parcels of origin
Mountains of Montmell


Montmell mountains, Penedès
Altitude: 400 to 600 metres

50% Garnatxa and 50% Sumoll

Minimal intervention
red wine

Free from added additives
contains sulphites in the bottling process

Ageing 9 months in stainless steel tanks,
and 3 months in bottle


Granja of Masllorenç, Ermita
and Mas del Pla of Manlleu

15 to 48-year-old

Poorly developed, calcareous
and stony soils

Harvest, September 15th and 20th
on flower and fruit day,
hand-picked, using 2,500kg trailers


Vineyard’s indigenous

at low pressure

Stainless steel
tank fermentation





5,4 g/l




0,51 g/l


>0,5 g/l


30 mg/l

Garnatxa Sumoll

A great variety to elevate a great time

Red wines are often associated with solemn moments, whereas white and sparkling wines are more associated with joy or relaxation. But what happens when a wine has all the elements of solemnity but also debauchery?

Our Garnatxa Sumoll is not only special because it has 50% sumoll, a great variety considered for decades as a minor variety, but it is also unique because it brings together joy and seriousness, freshness and depth.

It is an expressive and suggestive wine, ideal both for intimate moments and for family gatherings, both for pairings with cured cheeses and for barbecues in the garden. A wine, in short, optimal for making even the smallest moments great.


“The quiet grace of this wine is so enigmatic that from the first moment you hold the wine in your mouth, the wine holds you in its interstices. Still. Captured. Silence. Its raspberries picked at dawn, tasting of dew on grass. It tastes of fresh-ink curlicues pressed into thick, creamy card. It tastes of tellicherry peppercorns infused in blood-orange juice and bruised on the tip of the tongue. The tannins are tissue-paper fine, taste like rain, feel magnetic. It's a stunning Wine”.

Garnatxa Sumoll 2021 (17,5/20 points)
A taste of Spain, by Jancis Robinson - Mayo 2023


“Light to medium garnet in the glass, this wine smells of boysenberries and dried flowers. In the mouth, wonderfully juicy boysenberry and huckleberry flavors are shot through with floral notes. Ethereal, barely perceptible tannins brush the edges of the palate, and excellent acidity keeps the fruit fresh and lively across the palate. Very pretty”. - Garnatxa Sumoll 2019

Vinography Unboxed – March 2022


“Fresh mulberries. Staggering purity of fruit and cut-ruby-like transparency of tannins. A wine that traces a single cool index-finger line down the length of your spine, almost magnetic in its intensity. Soaring fruit despite the intellectual intensity and complexity on the palate. Vanilla pod, warm raspberries, plum crumble, bay leaf and the soft copper bruise of autumn leaf litter. Tannins that feel like silk on brushed pewter. A gentle, searching, insistent wine. Absolutely beautiful”.

Garnatxa Sumoll 2019 (17,5/20 points)
2022 Spring Collections – Spain and Portugal, by Jancis Robinson - Mayo 2022


"The Mediterranean race it shows is indisputable. [...] Fresh, delicate, with tension in the passage". Garnatxa Sumoll 2021

La cara tinta del Penedès, by Antonio Candelas – September 2023