Notes on Harvest 2023

A dry and extremely warm vintage and complicated by drought and wild boar attack, with a production loss of 60%; but we maintain a grape with good acidity.

Extremely dry autumn, where the soils could not be filled with water.
In January and February, the plant was able to have a good winter rest during the pruning period.

The early spring continued without rain. The extreme drought affected the estate, the forest and the vineyards and provoked a strong attack by the roe deer, which ate 90% of the shoots, causing a loss of production of between 60 and 80%. The rains at the end of May and the beginning of spring allowed a strong regrowth of the vineyard and a good vegetative development.

Dry and extremely hot summer. However, some occasional rains helped the grapes to develop well. The harvest began on 6 September at the estate. The grapes were extremely healthy, with a good balance of alcohol and acidity due to the concentration, with a voluminous entry, fresh and long finish.

Viticulture and Vinification

  • High-altitude/mountain vineyards. Montmell mountains
  • 100% organic agriculture
  • We work to recover biodiversity and improve forest ecosystem
  • Poorly developed, calcareous and stony soils
  • Mediterranean mountain climate
  • We recover local/traditional/historic/native varieties
  • We cooperate with local and vocational winegrowers. Standing up for the maximum price per kg of grapes in the region
  • We make minimal intervention wines, free from oenological additives during vinification – no more than 30 mg/l of sulphites in total
Plots of origin Mountain of Montmell

Plots of origin
Mountain of Montmell


Montmell mountains, Baix Penedès
Altitude: 600 to 700 metres

100% Garnatxa blanca

Minimal intervention
white wine

Free from added additives
contains sulphites in the bottling process


Plots Camp Gran of Pla de Manlleu and Cal Pilot of Querol.

25 to 60-year-old

Poorly developed
calcareous and stony soils

September, 7th, 8th and 12th root and flower day.
Hand-picked, using 2,500kg trailers


Vineyard’s indigenous

at low pressure

Stainless steel tank



12,5 %










30 mg/l

Garnatxa Blanca

The fresh breath of the Mediterranean when combing the mountains

When someone uses the adjective fresh to define a wine, we often imagine a summer evening, an outdoor terrace, an aperitif before dinner and a glass of white wine that refreshes us in the afternoon. In this case, however, saying fresh means all that and much more: it literally means the breath of the sea in over 30-year-old vines at 700 meters above sea level, where the freshness of the marinade becomes more vivid.

In this ideal land for optimal maturation, Can Sumoi's Garnatxa Blanca is transformed into this taut and elegant wine, into this wine that is rich in citrus and floral notes, into this wine —in short— that is a fresh wine, where fresh means much more than just a word.


“Enveloping and overall well balanced, it is influenced by the Young vintage. After a further period of refinement in the bottle, one of my announcements will be expressed in its entirely and harmony. Nonetheless, a pleasant discovery”.

Garnatxa Blanca 2022 –Can Sumoi, by Piero Pardini – April 2023


“It is a wine closely linked to Can Sumoi's history and mission to recover lost vineyards and varieties in areas of the Montmell mountain (...) Like all Can Sumoi wines, Garnatxa Blanca is organic and natural”. Garnatxa 2022

Can Sumoi presenta Garnatxa Blanca, un nuevo vino que busca recuperar la variedad en el Penedès, by Santiago Jimenez – March 2023


“A new addition to the Can Sumoi portfolio supported by two vineyards in Querol and Pla de Manlleu. With the white fruit and dried herb notes that characterize the variety, the palate is savory, unctuous and with a cleansing bitterness. Without wood, unpretentious, but well elaborated, with everything in its place and very careful presentation”.

Can Sumoi Garnatxa Blanca 2022, by Amaya Cervera – June 2023


“Expressive and very varietal. It has a very well-defined fruit side reminiscent of loquat, crisp apple and yellow plum. All wrapped in a series of evocative wild nuances”. Garnatxa Blanca 2022

Lo último en llegar, by Antonio Candelas - June 2023